The Ultimate Yammer App for the Mac

When you’re busy working with dozens of browser windows and tabs open, it’ll be a challenge to find which tab that is housing your Yammer session. On the flipside if you just found an interesting article on the web, it’s a real distraction to log on to Yammer website just to post that link for your colleagues to see.

Introducing Scuttlebutt. Scuttlebutt is the Mac native Yammer client that keeps you plugged in to the grapevine without getting distracted. Say goodbye to being shackled to the web browser and hello to social productivity.

Scuttlebutt will be most useful if you are a:

  • Writer, visual designer, or software engineer or the kind of people who need to get things done on a computer yet keep updated of everyone else.
  • Internal community manager who need to keep current on your colleagues’ updates and to engage them in the company’s activities.
  • Independent consultant or entrepreneur working with a number of corporate clients or running multiple virtual companies.

With Scuttlebutt, you'll get:

  • Seamless sharing. Quickly post text snippets, images, or even files to your colleagues from Safari, iWork Apps, or other applications via Scuttlebutt’s Sharing Extension or Services Menu support.
  • An app to go to.  Always be logged-in and access your Yammer networks with only a click away in the Mac's menu bar.
  • Multiple accounts. You're on more than one Yammer network? Not to worry – now you can be logged in to more than one account and easily switch between them.

“Scuttlebutt’s compact size and clean UI enables me to keep Yammer visible at all times.”

“Scuttlebutt enables me to work with several Yammer networks without requiring to have browser windows open all the time.”

“… like the design, very sleek!”

Scuttlebutt is brought to you by Basil Salad Software – we make interesting apps for your computers and mobile devices. What are you waiting for? Download Scuttlebutt now!

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