The Answers to All Your Questions

Are you affiliated with Yammer?

No we are not.  We are a small two-person operation based in Sunny Singapore. You can visit our main website for more information about us.

Do you keep our user ID, passwords, and log our posts in company’s Yammer post?
Certainly not – we do not keep your passwords nor filter your posts. Scuttlebutt gets a token that it uses to manage your account but it doesn’t keep your password. Furthermore your token is safely stored in your Mac’s Keychain. 

When logging in, Yammer displays “Your data will be forwarded to Scuttlebutt” means that Scuttlebutt will get an access token to manage your account. It does not mean sending your user ID, password, or access token to our servers.

When adding an account, it shows "The application Scuttlebutt can not be authorized in your network. Please contact your network administrator" What should I do?
You should contact your Yammer administrator. It looks like your company doesn't allow 3rd party applications in their Yammer network – you'll need to ask them to relax this restriction.

My company’s Yammer network uses SSO or federated logins, is it supported? 

Unfortunately, no. We can’t test Single Sign-On (SSO) or federated logins since we don’t have access to any of these.  Furthermore Yammer’s API documentation does not provide a guideline to handle this setup. If you’ve purchased Scuttlebutt and found out it does not work with your network, please ask for a refund.

Suddenly I received a "token not found" error although I didn't change anything. What should I do?
At times Yammer invalidates 3rd party applications' access tokens. Simply re-authenticate Scuttlebutt to your network. Choose "Add Account…" from the application menu and re-login to your Yammer network. Scuttlebutt will then refresh your access token. If you couldn't add more accounts, just remove your current account from Scuttlebutt and add it again.

Why not everybody are being shown in the Members list?
That's because they haven't posted a recent update. Yammer does not provide a way for 3rd party applications to list everyone in the network with a single request. They only allow Scuttlebutt to request 20 member records at a time and that's why you're not seeing everyone. However if you pull up to the members list, Scuttlebutt will request the next 20 members and so forth – eventually you'll get everyone in the list. Nevertheless, whenever Scuttlebutt sees an update or a private message from somebody new, it will save the author's details into its own member list.

I have deleted a message from Yammer's site. Why is it still showing in Scuttlebutt?
Yammer does not provide a way to list deleted messages – there is no way for Scuttlebutt to tell whether you have deleted a message from somewhere else. That's why it's still showing your deleted message.

How to edit topics in Scuttlebutt?
You can't. Currently Yammer doesn't provide any functionality for third-party applications to modify topics.

What is the difference between sharing files via the Share menu and Services menu?
The Share menu is the preferred way to send files from the Finder. However, some older 3rd party file managers may not have added support for this method but supports the Services menu instead.
Furthermore you can assign global keyboard shortcuts to Services menu items. For more information please see the documentation on enabling Services menu items.

Clicking on an image in a message displays a blurry preview. Why?
You'll need to wait for a while for the higher-resolution preview to be downloaded. This should only take a few seconds on a fast broadband connection.

Why animated GIF are shown as still images?
This is due to accessibility and energy conservation considerations. However you should be able to download those animations (and attached videos) and play them using other applications.

Why I don't see notifications in the notification center?

You’ll need to allow Scuttlebutt to post to the notification center – set this up in System Preferences. Furthermore only Yammer notifications are posted there – such as updates from people that you follow, mentions to your name,  or replies to your messages. Not every company update are sent as notifications unless your Yammer administrator sets it up that way. In other words, Scuttlebutt’s items in the notification center mirrors the notification lists in all of your networks – but only for new items.

Please follow these steps to troubleshoot notifications:

  1. Log in to Yammer website and check if you have notifications there. If you don’t see any notifications then you should configure your notifications preferences.
  2. Start Scuttlebutt and click your network name (next to your avatar image) to open the notifications section. Check if you see the same set of notifications there, especially the more recent ones.
  3. Go to Scuttlebutt’s preferences and enable Show Desktop Notifications.
  4. Go to OS X’s System Preferences app and allow Scuttlebutt to post notifications to the system’s Notification Center.
  5. Exit Scuttlebutt and then ask your colleague to send a Yammer private message.
  6. Run Scuttlebutt again and wait for it to refresh. Check if you see that private message in Scuttlebutt’s notification area. Then check OS X’s Notification Center and see if the same notification gets posted there.

Do you have a trial version?
We do not have a trial version. However you can ask for a refund at any time.

Do you have any discount for educational institutions?
Yes. Standard Mac App Store Volume Purchase Program for Education discount applies to Scuttlebutt. We also support Volume Purchase Program for Business so that your company can manage a pool of licenses to provision to Scuttlebutt for your employees.

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