The Company Phone Book Just Got Better

Scuttlebutt enables you to not just see the your colleagues names and titles, but also shows their interests as well. That is you can quickly glance a person’s latest conversations and view other’s updates that is liked by him or her. This way you can get a quick feel of what are your colleagues recent interests and involvements.

Scuttlebutt's "Members" section lists all user's in your Yammer network.  From here you can:

  • See each user's contact information and short bio.
  • Save the user's contact information to your Mac's address book.
  • View his latest conversations.
  • See his liked messages.

The user detail popup shows you the user’s profile, his conversations and the messages that he likes. From these information you can quickly see what kinds of topics he is interested in.

Popup menu to save user detail to the address book

You can access the user detail popup by a message item’s context menu  and selecting “Sender details” (for message items), or “Creator details” (for groups) or “User details” (in Member lists). 

You can open the context menu by holding the Ctrl button while clicking the item or by using two fingers to click the trackpad.

Save to Contacts

You can save an update's sender to your Mac's address book by selecting the "Save to Contacts" option in the popup menu. This is useful if you'll need to call the person via telephone or meet him personally.

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