Your Company’s Real-Time News

Scuttlebutt integrates nicely into the Mac’s notification center and keeps you notified on updates from people that you follow. Hence you can use Scuttlebutt as the place to get the latest-and-greatest company updates. Scuttlebutt provides a number of feeds that helps you filter these updates.

The "My Feed" section shows the latest updates from people you follow in the Yammer network as well as replies to the threads that you're involved in. 

The “Combined Feed” section combines “My Feed” messages from all networks and all accounts into a single unified inbox.

The "Company Feed" section displays the latest updates from everyone in your Yammer network and their replies organized in threads.

The "Private Messages" section shows direct messages that other people sent to you. This feed is also organized in threads with the starting message at the top and replies are displayed indented below it.

The "Received" section lists replies to your updates. Unlike the previous three feeds earlier, this section isn't organized in threads. You can view the thread by Ctrl-clicking the update and select "Show Conversation" in the popup menu.

The "Liked Messages" section lists updates that you've liked. Just like the "Received" section, this section contains individual updates and not the entire conversation. Similarly the “Show Conversation" item in the popup menu will display the entire thread which contains that update.

You can open a feed in its own window by choosing “Show in New Window” from the View menu or pressing ⌘⇧W key combination on the keyboard. This is useful to monitor different groups’ message feeds in its own window.

In fact you can do this to just about any other view like the user list or group list to better organize your workflow.

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