Sharing to Yammer As Easy as Tweeting

Sharing Extension Support

With Scuttlebutt you can directly post to Yammer from Safari or other applications – thanks to sharing extensions. Found a great article on the web? Just one click to share it with your colleages on the web. Just made a great Keynote presentation? Share it to Yammer without leaving Keynote.

Sharing works both ways. Your colleague posted a great reference on Yammer? Go ahead and share it into LinkedIn right from Scuttlebutt – or save it to your Pocket reading list or just any other app or service that provide a sharing extension.

Services Menu

You can also share from older applications that hasn’t been updated for Yosemite such as Microsoft Word 2011. Simply select some text and then choose “Scuttlebutt: New Yammer Update” from the Services Menu. This will open Scuttlebutt and pre-fill your message composition with the text that you’ve selected in the invoking application.

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